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Our first time at a swingers club

We are just past our FnH One year anniversary, and it is funny that when we decided to share our sex life online, we said it was going to be a story blog, and somehow, between twitter and the fun we had with a camera in the bedroom it kind of went a different way.

But finally here is our first entry, as Hunter and I planned from the beginning.

First thing first, for those who don’t know us we are a young couple in our mid twenties, we have been in The Lifestyle for couple of years, it started with an odd threesome now and then, and after a lot of talking we knew the swinging lifestyle was for us, we started having fun with other couples and in general making some like minded friends, but until last night we hadn’t been to a swinger’s club

We have been putting off going to a swingers club because I don’t really like to jump into bed with complete strangers (of course there are always exceptions ;) ) but we really wanted to go and meet new couples, so we chose a small club that admits only 25 couples a night.

When we got to the club we were really pleased with the friendly staff, it was a bit empty but it started to fill up pretty fast. The fun started with some “innocent” games to get the party started and the couples talking, Hunter and I played the game of “Kiss or Slap” with a really nice couple, and somehow we got all kisses so we started the kissing and touching in front of everyone, it got really hot and i got really wet seeing my man kissing this beautiful woman as i kissed her husband. After some dancing, chatting and fooling around, we went to a corner with this couple, just for a light swap, kissing and touching each other others for a while.

H and I decided to go and check the dark rooms by ourselves. The first room was empty and when we peeked into the second one we were surprised by a black light “fish tank” bed (a glass cube in the middle of the room with a lot of circular openings), we immediately jumped into the bed and started kissing, and undressing slowly, I wasn’t wearing any underwear so I was naked really fast, Hunter kissing me all over making my heart skip a bit as he got to my clit.

While he was going down on me a hand from one of the holes started caressing my boobs, it took me completely by surprise, so I opened my eyes to find at least 10 couples looking at us, enjoying the show we were putting on, I got really excited seeing everyone hungrily watching us, and came immediately in H’s mouth, quickly I pulled Hunter by the hair kissing him and tasting myself in his lips as I came, then slowly layed him on the bed so I could mount him. I saw my H penis, and couldn’t resist having him in my mouth, i kissed him on the tip several times, and then put everything in my mouth as deep as i could, I have to say I love the feeling of H growing harder inside me. When i got him all slippery and hard I jumped on top of him, feeling him rock hard inside me, and started riding him up and down, in a moment we were both screaming with pleasure as stranger’s hands touched us at random, some slapping my ass, others touching my breasts and nipples or pulling and playing with mine and Hunter’s hair.

As i came for the second time i could hear the groans of some other couples having fun while they watched us, giving them a full view of my breast and stretching with every wave of my orgasm. I trembled as H pulled slowly out of me, with a deep kiss he turned me over and placed me on all fours,and started kissing and spanking my ass, inviting the body-less hands to do the same, as they did H inserted a finger inside me, knowing how to get me going again, he played around inside of me circling his finger and rubbing my g-spot to the edge of coming again, then reducing the pressure and pulling his finger out, just to repeat the process again as the stanger’s hands continue spanking me and other playing and pulling my nipples. As soon as I started coming around H fingers he pulled them out fast and as quick as he did he pushed himself inside me banging fast and hard making my orgasm extend and drawing a shout out of me. I was about to collapse, my legs were trembling but the thought of others watching was so sexy that i couldn’t help but get more excited, i was really dripping by then and as i heard our public moan and my Hunter pushing harder and faster signing that he was about to come inside me, I just couldn’t stop one last shaky, intense, steamy loud climax.

It really was an amazing experience, we’ve had sex in public before, but never with a real audience, let alone an active one, this was different, we were the attraction of the night.
We stayed naked for the rest of the night, chatting with other couples with some kissing and touching. We did meet a nice couple (B&C) maybe they will be up for some photo-shoots in the future ;)

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